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Call Release

In BroadWorks Call Center reporting, the term “Call Released” typically refers to the status of a call that has been terminated or ended. When a call is released, it means that the call has been completed and disconnected, either by the caller or the agent. “Call Released” status can occur for various reasons, such as:

  • Call ended by the caller: The caller has hung up the call, leading to the call being released from the system.
  • Call completed successfully: The call was handled and completed within the expected parameters, resulting in a “Call Released” status.
  • Timeout or system release: In some cases, a call may be automatically released due to inactivity, call duration limits, or system settings.
  • Agent release: An agent may release the call intentionally by ending the conversation or by transferring the call to another agent or department.

Understanding the status of “Call Released” in BroadWorks call center reports helps supervisors and managers track call handling, analyze call durations, evaluate customer interactions, and monitor agent performance.

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