Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

To set up the AA we only we need the following two things:

  • The call flow
  • Greetings

The call flow is basically where an incoming call goes if you press 0, to the operator? Each company has its own logic, just as an example, press 1 for services, press 2 for sales, etc.

IMPORTANT, You must record and share with us for the following greetings:

  • Business Hours
  • After Hours
  • Holidays (optional – can be treated as After hours)
  • Sales personnel.

Let’s say you choose Option 2 for sales, the sales’ greeting should mention each of your sales rep with a number, for example:
“If you want to talk to John, press 1, Maria press 2, Mike press 3, etc (max 9)

As you can see having a list of names to choose from has a quantity limitation and also be aware it is not dynamic, if your list of sales people changes then an updated greeting must be recorded.